April 29, 2014

My Baby Blue Polaroid

I was soooo excited. I have been waiting for having this cute thing since a long time ago. Theennn Finaly I can buy it. And I got the Blue one.. oh how happy I was...

I am so glad to share to all of you my polaroid Instax, and I can't wait to spend the great moment with this cute camera.

For your information, especially for anybody who lives in Indonesia, I bought it in an online shopping website  named Kamera-Polaroid. it is  a web that sells all about polaroid camera and all the stuff related within. You can choose any  model you want, or any colors that you like. And I am very sure that they are a recommended website because they work professionally in selling the Polaroid. If you are interested in it then you can go to to the web, just click what product you want to buy, and they will confirm u via email. after paying it by ATM transfer, then the polaroid is ready to send to your home, guys. it is only spend 2-3 works day for the shipping. So don't be afraid if you want to buy a thing in a online shopping. a tips from me, observes the online shopping first, all about the details is really important to be known before you buy their product. look at their testimonials as well, you can differentiate it, if it real or deceitful. searching for a trusted online shopping is an important thing if you don't want to lose your money for nothing, right! hope you enjoy it..

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