December 19, 2016

Kembali (2)

Robin: To no drama.
Alice: To no drama
(How to be A single movie,2016)

You know, sometimes people do not know about their own times. Especially we, as the women, we never know that even what we had done was the best thing or not. We only hanging around something that even doesn't have a clear vision. Or maybe we only thing that if we carry that 'thing' around wherever we go, then we will feel satisfied and maybe feel everything will be alright as always.
I myself don't know what I've been doing all my life. It is like I just met people, talking nicely with them, or I supposed I have to have a good relationship with them. just don't worry about me, I feel like I have to write something to push those crazy trashes-thing out of my brain, so that I am here. Yes,I am here.
I feel like I am the stupid person in the world where I never be able to say things out loud and just can talk to myself after all shits happened. I am not capable of doing something that I really want to do. I feel useless. That is why I always end with follow other people's want. Because I can't talk.I can't scream. Poor me.
Okay then, I know that I myself have to know me first. Know it clearly and in details. I have to able to confince myself that I should accept all the weakness and stay strong whatever it is. So that In the future I can do all that I want and make all the wishes come true. That's what I am living for, right? ☺

This note is inspired by the movie "How to be a Single"

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