February 22, 2011

I hate This Feeling!

Great Job boy!
You come again to my life and ruin all of my happiness that almost come closer. Thank you for everything.
What's the matter with you exactly? I really wanna know. 
You know, I try to erase all the sad feeling from my mind just to forgot that you have already hurt  me so much. I could not do it honestly, but I still trying. Then when I succeed to reach my happiness, You, without any permission come again and disturbing my life. 
Am I wrong if I want the best for my life?Am I wrong If I want someone who I think the best to be my future friend? Am I wrong if I didn't choose you as the future friend? Am I wrong? please answer me.
I really hate this feeling, I hate when I have to cry again. I hate when I have to fight against my own feeling that never be clear where it will go. 
I hate this feeling when I have to hide my sad feeling beneath my happiness! I hate this feeling.
I just want you to know, that I will choose someone that I believe can make me happy for my future life. I choose him not you. I am trying to stable my intention! I am trying now. and I believe I can do it.

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