February 9, 2011

I like this Place! (Pengalaman KKN I)

Maybe I like this place,,
yap,, now I am in Bantul, in Dusun Grudo exactly to do my KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) it is like a placement, where you are placed in a place especially in a village, to do some practices from your college. 
here you have to be able to adapt with the society and practicing all that you have gotten since you study in the university.
I was here since Monday, February 7th and I will be here until March 7th. A month living in a village. it sounds interesting. moreover, I am here with my group, we are from Divisi VII.B.3. My place for KKN named Dusun Grudo, Desa Panjangrejo, Kecamatan Pundong, Kabupaten Bantul Yogyakarta. it is not too far from the city of Jogjakarta, just spend 1 hour to get here. we are 8, Didik Kusmiyanto (P.Mat) as the leader of the unit, Rini Purwati (P. Mat), Nora Ristiani (PBI), Rachmad Ichram (PBSI), Windya Hayatul Husna (farmasi), Dwi Riska Permatasari (PKn), Febri Ariyanti (Sasing) and myself Susanti Mallida. 
we have many plans for a month, and I hope it will works out. 
I want to show you some of pictures that we take here, check this out guys:
rini, nora, windya,dwi

santi,rini,dwi, windya

setri2 divisi 7B3

ketua unit, didik

pemandangaan di depan rumah

anak2 dusun Grudo

view desa
pose di depan posko

tandur padi

narsis di depan posko

posko KKN kita

bersama anak2

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