December 2, 2012

Hello, December!

oh hi, December. I felt that it just yesterday that I see I would welcome you and now you are here, in front of me. yap, and today's already the second day. oh my God. You are quite fast, I think. 
I am here to say hello to you, and hopefully you can brighten my days day by day. I don't know what I have to achieve in this last month of this year, but I will try my best to accomplish What I have to do. 
many things will happen tomorrow, but if you wish to do something good, then God will embrace your hope and make it good as well. 

just an unimportant words to say, because of some a headache of these assignment. that was my fault because not finished since the days before, but you know maybe it is already been like that, so I can finish it if it will close to deadline..hehehehe 
I just finish my assignment, then I need some refreshing. that's why I need to write something to clear out of my mind all the 'FOUCAULT' things. 
It is better if you are not listening to me and also read my writing.. LOL..
okay, see ya next meeting. I have to sleep now because I have a class in the early morning. SEMANGAT!!

good night!!
Elmy and I in front of the campus

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