January 26, 2014

Welcome Back!

Oh holaa..
Long time no coming here..

It's almost the end of the month of January, isn't it? the first month of the new Year 2014 almost ended. I don't know, just don't have time and ideas to write it down. just being busy with my THESIS. I planned to graduate this year, hopefully it can be happened on April, but if it can't be, then maybe on August. Wish me luck, guys!
Thesis is just drive me insane, everytime, every minute and every hour, just thinking about it. No hesitation I will dream on it as well.LOL...
I promise I will work hard to finish it as soon as possible, because my mother has told me to finish it before my sister starts her master study at UGM also. So, ya you can see, how hard i will be working on..It is like you are being pushed too hard, when first i heard that. then I realize that Yes I have to do that, until when I have to be in school? I want to have a career, I want to have my own payment, I want to make my parents happy. all of the thoughts a little bit destruct me, already.
I hope i will be fine through all of these crazy things.. I am sure, I am very sure I can do that.
Keep going, shant!!

and, I just want to share an African Proverb I got from Instagram #wisewords :"
       If you want to go fast, Go Alone;
If you want to go far, Go together"
and I said, "I will go alone, for this time"!! because go far need a good plan.

best regard,

Santi Mallida

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