March 17, 2010


"song" by Oliver Godsmith

When lovely woman stoops to folly
and finds too late the man betray
what charm can shoote her melancholy
what art can wash her guilty away
the only art her guilt to cover
to hide her shame from every eye
to give repentance to her lover
and wring his bossom - to die

this poem that i have analyzed in my Poetry I class.. this poem is tells about ' a foolish and wake' woman that die vainly only because of her soul mate betrays her. even though if we look to the poem, the most guilty person is the man..but why the woman who feels so guiltiest of all this feeling??and have to die only for a stupid man??
and what if we look by the other way, if the woman betray the man, would the man feels like that?and will he die only to disappear his feeling??
i don't think it will happen....

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