April 29, 2010

Pidgin and Creole

Today I learn about Pidgin and Creole in Sociolinguistics class,,,it's an interesting subject I guess..yupp and I just want to share about these kind of languages, let's check it out guys,,,

What is PIDGIN ???

Definition of PIDGIN is a language that has no native speaker, or there is no first language. This language is created for simplifying the language in a place that have many language in it. PIDGIN is used for contact language. It means that they use Pidgin language for communicating each other, and the language is different from the daily language. They create special language for their own usage.
Since long time ago, pidgin is used for trading only, the merchants create their own language to communicate between them. Slang in America is also can be classified into Pidgin, because they create a language only for contact between their society. One of Pidgin that still use by society is Tok Pisin, this is Papua New Guinea's language. the language is create based on English language but it has undergone some changes in the word formation.
for example :
English Tok Pisin
House --> Haus
belongs --> Bilong
her --> em
little --> Liklik, etc

and next, What actually CREOLE is??? let's get it...

CREOLE is pidgin that has acquired the native speaker or can be said that creole is Pidgin that is used from generation to generation. The parents teach their children the pidgin as the first language so it has used in wide range of area. Tok Pisin is also creole, because the people in Papua New Guinea has used the language in every activities, not only in a special range, but they applying it in School, politics, offices, and etc..

source : Holmes, Janet. 2001. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics. Second Edition. London: Pearson Education Limited.

It's very interesting language, and when I learned about this, suddenly I wanted to go to Papua New Guinea and heard they speak the language by myself..haha a ridiculous thought...hope it will come true..^_^

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