April 11, 2011

Kura-Kura ku

Hi Hi,,, long time, i didn't scratch here.
sorry, but I was busy with my future. as usual, this is the duty of the student in the last year in the university. must do the final paper. And I already start to go insane here. almost everyday i only think about this. No matter the weather are, no matter what day today, I always (try) to think about my paper. huft, so hard exactly. even though I do nothing with them, but it always make me work hard to do my best.. I always spend my time in library, then finally I cannot concentrate to do the paper, and just browsing and browsing. haha.. I also spend my time to read the materials about the theories, but you know what, at the end of the story, I only spend time to read novels. LOL.
hey, I have a surprise,,,, jreng jreng,,, I have my own turtle. two little turtles. they are so nice and funny. I haven't found name for them. *just thinking* I want to show you what they like,, check this out,


they are cute, aren't they?,,
every minute, I will check them out and if I have no job, I will take them out from their box, and I will let them play outside. walking in the floor. It's so funny. hahaha
OK, then I just want to say that. wanna continue on my work. 
bu bye guys. see u next time. 


uMi chan said...

wuahh...sann...kura2nya sepasang ko?? ;)

ThisIsMe said...

nd tau mi, b lupa tnya sama penjualnya. tapi yah b belinya mank dua. tapi nd tau itu sepasang apa bukan.ehehehhee