October 26, 2013

Kesel, Senang, Bahagia [all in one]

(terpaksa) harus memulai postingan ini dengan judul yang campur aduk seperti itu. Too much things happens at once. Let me tell you one by one:
firstly, aku keseeeellll buanget karena hampir seminggu ini blog ini gak bisa dibuka gara-gara ada Linkbucks yang nge-block jadi gak bisa masuk ke blognya. I have tried so many ways to open it directly, but it ended with those stupid ads. I really hate it. Fortunately, today maybe it's my lucky day. I can open it easily. and I hope it will going well later. Gak tau kenapa tiba2 bisa ada linkbucks seperti itu. waktu dicari di internet cara menghapusnya, aku ketemu salah satu blog yang bilang cara menghapusnya dengan pake spyhunter. Finally, I downloaded it and tried to scan the viruses. and you know what, in fact, there were so many viruses attacked my laptop, perhaps it is why the blog also can not be opened. I really hope it will not happened anymore. I hate it so much..

secondly, let's ended the upset story here. Aku juga senang banget, karena beberapa hal. yang pertama dapat berita bagus dari sahabat, temen SMA sejak kelas 1, Sitti Khadijah, a.k.a Icha. She's getting married. yaaayyy.. I was really shocked when she came to my boarding house and gave my her wedding invitation and told me to come. I really didn't know how to say it. I was happy but shocked as well. but torely it  really makes me feel moved. i was so touched at that time. and Finally the day had come on October 20th. I'll tell you another story happened before it in the next ya..

Aku juga senang karena akhirnya Isna wisuda juga. she finished her study in a kind of short time of study. only took 3 years and 8 months. She is cumlaude also. I proud of her. congrats, sissy.


three beautiful women, mom, mama tima, and me

and a handsome man, daddy.

dan Aku bahagia karenaaa,,, I can meet mom and dad. they come to attend the graduation. they came on my birthday on Oct 16. finally I can celebrate my birthday with my parents after almost 6 years I am going so far away from home, especially on my 24th birthday. I was so happy..indeed. 

Let's finish the sadness with the happiness, because life is only once. You will regret it if you never enjoy your life. 

Thank you..


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